Coleen Nolan vows to stop smoking

13 June 2010

Coleen Nolan has revealed that it is her ambition to quit smoking this summer. The Loose Women presenter admitted she had her first cigarette at the age of 14.

The mum-of-three confessed that she still smokes about 20 fags a day. She wrote in her Daily Mirror column: "This week my guilty smoking secret was exposed to all when I was pictured outside the Loose Women studios puffing away. "I've always been honest about being a smoker, but I did say after Dancing On Ice that I was going to give up for the sake of my daughter, Ciara.

"And here I am, more than a year on, and still hooked on the fags." She continued: "I've finally realised that I have to give up for me alone, not for anyone else. "That might sound selfish but I think it's the only way it is ever going to work. "So this summer I'm going to try again. I'm taking the kids to Disney and I don't want to spend the entire trip looking for somewhere to smoke.

"I'm sick of being a social leper and I worry about my health - I'm feeling ready to stop."

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