Daniel Craig Thinks Bond Should Stop Smoking

Celebrity Cafe
17 October 2008

The newest edition of James Bond, British actor Daniel Craig (Layer Cake), thinks that the famous secret agent should stop smoking.

But he's all right with his most famous role's continued drinking.

Craig made everyone gasp in the last film, when he emerged from the ocean and revealed himself as the most ripped Bond ever.

This is tied into the role, because Craig argues that Bond's constant smoking would hurt his physical fitness and should, for those who get past how cool Bond looks with a cig in his mouth/hand, make the movies more unrealistic.

"I don't wish for him (Bond) to smoke," Craig said. "Fleming wrote a Bond that smoked 60 cigarettes a day. I can't do that and then run two-and-a-half miles down a road, it just doesn't tie in."

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