People don't quit smoking even after a heart attack

GR Reporter
10 Apr 2009

Even a heart attack cannot stop smokers from smoking. Every third person who has had a heart attack, lights up a cigarette right after they get out of the hospital, even though they know they are putting their life in danger. Those who continue to smoke, increase the chances of getting a second heart attack in the next ten years. The results of this research were presented by the American Cardiology College and are based on a global research, which includes Greece.

According to the horrifying data of the World Health Organization, more than one billion people will die during the 21st century because of smoking. In danger are not only the ones who smoke a pack of cigarettes per day but also the ones who limit themselves to 14 cigarettes or less. The alarming fact is that young people and those under 45 years of age are hospitalized because they are smokers. Imagine what the danger is for the ones who not only smoke but also have excess weight, diabetes, high blood pressure or high cholesterol!

Meanwhile, Greece is among the countries, which has the most smokers and their number keeps increasing. Because of the ban of public smoking in July, many people go to see doctors in order to stop smoking.

One motif to stop smoking is that only few weeks after you stop you can see the effects. Blood pressure and the LDL bad cholesterol drop right away and the concentration of blood thickens, which helps for less blood-clots.

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