Finland Driven to Stop All Smoking

Short News
3 October 2010

The first step towards stopping smoking in Finland starting last Friday leading to a possible prison sentences for selling cigarettes to minors.

As a world first it intends that laws will not just reduce smoking but eradicate it in Finland. From last Friday, possession of tobacco by people under the age of 18 is completely banned, and it is now a criminal offence to buy or give minors tobacco, punishable by up to six months in prison.

Internet tobacco transactions are banned along with, smoking in places frequented by kids and in spectator stands at outdoor events.

The next phases are set to come in effect in 2012 & in 2015 banning product placement & vending machine sales.

Finland have taken a step toward banning smoking entirely by giving sentences to people that sell to minors or minors in posession of tobacco products.  Minors are at an impressionable age and therefore by giving strict sentences they are aiming to disuade minors from smoking.  This is the time when many smokers start smoking.  Many of the smokers we see at the london stop smoking clinic for hypnosis to quit smoking wished they had never started smoking.  The Harley Street Stop Smoking Clinic in central London provides a well established stop smoking hypnosis service.  Their unique stop smoking program has been developed by Tim Williams stop smoking hypnotherapist over a number of years.  Stop Smoking today with quit smoking hypnosis and enjoy a smoke free longer healthier life. 

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