5% Of Hospital Admissions Among Adults Aged 35 And Over Are Due To Smoking, New Figures Reveal, UK

Medical News Today
16 October 2008

One in 20 English hospital admissions for those aged 35 and over in 2006/7 were attributable to smoking, a report by The NHS Information Centre shows today.

Figures included for the first time in the annual report, Statistics on Smoking, England, show there were an estimated 445,100 admissions for such diseases, including:

-- 163,200 admissions with a primary diagnosis of cancer.
-- 139,600 admissions with a primary diagnosis of circulatory diseases.
-- 107,600 admissions with a primary diagnosis of respiratory diseases.

The report, which brings together information about smoking from several sources, also shows that in 2007, approximately 18 per cent (82,900) of all deaths of those aged 35 and over were attributable to smoking. This is 14 per cent less (13,800) than in 2001. Of those deaths in 2007:

-- Around 37,200 deaths were caused by cancer.
-- Around 22,300 deaths were from respiratory diseases.
-- Around 22,000 deaths were for circulatory diseases.
-- Around 1,400 deaths were from diseases of the digestive system.

The report is published on the same day as Statistics on NHS Stop Smoking Services in England, April to June 2008 (Quarter 1), which shows 134,149 people set a quit date through NHS Stop Smoking Services during the period of April to June 2008.

This is a 22 per cent (37,043) decrease compared to the same period in 2007/08, which ended directly before the introduction of the smoking ban in public places in England on July 1 2007, and a three per cent decrease (3,654) compared to the same period in 2006/7.

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