Ewan McGregor Finds Quality of Life as Ex-Smoker

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24 April 2008

Movie star EWAN MCGREGOR has a better quality of life now he has quit smoking because he no longer has to hunt for cigarettes, ashtrays and lighters before he can sit and relax.

The Scottish actor quit just over a year ago with the help of hypnotherapy and now he can't believe he had so many problems giving up in the past.

He says, "The idea of life without cigarettes is terrifying but it's so much better... and it's so easy - you just don't smoke.
"I found the most annoying thing about cigarettes - apart from the fact that they give you emphysema and cancer and it makes you stink and not have any money, and you have to stand outside in the snow, and all of those things - is that you couldn't do anything without them.

"I couldn't stand the fact that I couldn't just sit down - I'd have to go and find my cigarettes and, 'Where's my ashtray and my lighter?' I'd always be looking for things... Now I can just sit down."

And MCGregor insists that, if he can quit, anyone can: "I did it as a second profession; I used to act and smoke."

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