No Smoking Day - Quit Smoking Today

Harley Street Stop Smoking Clinic
9 March 2011

Wednesday March 9 is No smoking Day in the UK and it is the ideal time to quit smoking. A momentous day, when you stop smoking with hundreds of other smokers.

By quitting smoking, you are making a commitment to yourself to start a healthier life, free from smoke.  You'll have more energy, feel better, look better and have more money to spend on thngs that you like doing.

Many clients that come to the Harley Street Stop Smoking Clinic say that out of the cigarettes they smoke, they only enjoy one of them.  Is there any other activity that you would carry on doing that you knew was going to kill you in the end, that for 99% of the time you didn't enjoy, that you had to pay for.

Smoking is a habit.  You need to break that habit.  That is where we come in.  At the Harley Street Stop Smoking Clinic, trained smoking cessation hypnotherapists will help you break the habit, stop those negative behaviours.

So what are the benefits to stopping smoking?  Better health, increased energy and fitness - no longer wheezing at the slightest exertion, you'll live longer and look and feel younger, as well as a better complexion, you'll feel and look great and you'll be saving money at the same time.  You'll also smell nicer, no longer having to cover up that nasty cigarette smell.

So what are the benefits to carry on smoking?  You're more likely to die younger and its more likely to be a slow drawn out death.  You'll look older - with wrinkles forming around the mouth, dry skin, yellow stained teeth - its not looking good already.  You'll carry on inflicting secondhand smoke on others around you, such as friends, family and even your children and we know the dangers that can bring.  Also, you'll be poorer - on average a 20 a day smoker over just 5 years will have spent about £10,040 on cigarettes.  Over 10 years - £20,080 - you could have bought a nice car. 

Stop Smoking Today on No smoking day and make 9th March a fresh start to a smoke free life. 


At the Harley Street Stop Smoking Clinic we fully support the No Smoking Day on Wednesday 9th March.  Initiatives such as No Smoking Day bring the perils of smoking to the fore and if it makes smokers realise the dangers they are inflicting on themselves, then we are all for it.  Giving up smoking is the single best thing you can do for your health.  You will reap the benefits as soo as you stop smoking. Give up smoking today with hypnotherapy to stop smoking at the London Stop Smoking Clinic.  Stop smoking hypnosis is highly effective as at the Harley Street Stop Smoking Clinic, we only concentrate on stop smoking clients.  We specialise in helping people to quit smoking with advanced hypnotherapy.  Based on Harley Street, the London stop smoking clinic is at the forefront of smoking cessation, having treated many thousands of stop smoking clients.  Hypnotherapy to quit smoking in London at the Harley Street Stop Smoking Clinic.
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