Doctors’ new plea for women to quit smoking during pregnancy

1 June 2010

Doctors’ leaders have made a new call for women to stop smoking during pregnancy to coincide with World No Tobacco Day this week. The BMA in Scotland urged parents to quit together for the sake of their families, saying that unborn babies were being put at risk because their parents smoked.

Despite the number of mothers smoking at the start of pregnancy having dropped since 1995, numbers remain around 20%. According to the Scottish Household Survey, the percentage of women smoking during pregnancy, fell from 29% in 1999 to 19.2% in 2008.

Dr Sally Winning, deputy chairman of the BMA in Scotland, said: “Around one in five women smoke during pregnancy and, although this is an improvement on previous years, it reflects the lack of knowledge among Scots about the health risks of smoking, not only to themselves, but to the health of their children.” Smoking while pregnant can have long-term effects on the health of a baby and maternal smoking in pregnancy is a cause of low birth weight in babies and has been linked to cot death. Dr Winning said women trying to stop smoking could seek help from their GP, pharmacist or health visitor.

“Partners and families also have a role to play,” she added. “They can help pregnant women stop smoking by undertaking to quit at the same time – it’s much easier doing it together. In addition they will be helping reduce exposure to second hand smoke, which is also a risk to pregnant women; it has been linked to low-birth weight and premature birth. “As part of a broader strategy on tobacco, it is essential that the Scottish Government tackles the issue of parental smoking. Parents should be educated about the effects of smoking, not just on their own health, but also to their children. We need to offer more smoking cessation support to adults and parents to help those who wish to stop smoking stay stopped. “Children whose parents smoke are twice as likely to become smokers themselves. We must act now to break this cycle of tobacco addiction.”

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