Lebanon Smoking ban effective immediately

Lebanon Express
19 October 2011

The Lebanon City Council voted unanimously at its Oct. 12 meeting to ban smoking in all city parks.

More people than usual attended the meeting, and about 14 of them seemed to be in support of the ban. It will be a good thing for the people of Lebanon. Smokers are funny people though. Itís not a habit they quit when the government imposes higher taxes on packs of cigarettes. Itís not something they quit because they have trouble breathing. Itís not something they will quit because they can no longer smoke in city parks. Smokers are used to being the whipping boy. They had their rights taken from them when they were banned from smoking in bars and restaurants all over the country. Most hotels also ban smoking inside.

Smoking is even banned inside Las Vegas buildings, except on the casino floor. No smoking within 10 feet of a building. No smoking in your own car if there are children present. Most smokers realize itís a bad habit. Most donít smoke for their health. And many are considerate of others, and try and stand away from nonsmokers, though many must think a cigarette butt is not littering. (It is.)

But one inconsiderate group of smokers at National Night Out has ruined it for smokers, and made it better for nonsmokers. That group called attention to the fact that, prior to Oct. 12, the city and police had no right to ask them to leave the area. Now they do. The ordinance carries a fine up to $500.

Because they say it affects the health of citizens, the city called the ordinance an emergency, making it effective immediately, rather than the usual 30 days after signing. Smokers have been smoking in city parks for as long as parks have been established, so calling it an emergency may be overkill. But, this way, no time is wasted in encouraging healthier parks.

Smokers will undoubtedly continue practicing their bad habit elsewhere, or hiding it so as not to get ticketed. Fortunately, theyíre used to that. Nonsmokers should breathe easier knowing they can picnic and play in parks with their families and not encounter any blatant, inconsiderate smokers. And if they do, they can report it to the authorities, who now have recourse to ask smokers to stop, or face a fine and be trespassed from the park.


Lebanon becomes the next country to ban smoking in public parks, this is in addition to banning it in public places.  The Harley Street Stop Smoking Clinic supports the ban on smoking in public places, this will improve parks and littering for the majority.  This is a great step forward for Lebanon, and for non smokers as more countries join the smoking ban.  The London Stop Smoking Clinic has helped many clients stop smoking with hypnosis.  Our unique stop smoking program is highly effective beating patches, gums and all other methods hands down.  Speak to the Harley Street Stop Smoking Clinic to stop smoking today and enjoy a healthy smoke free life.

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Reference link: http://lebanon-express.com/news/opinion/editorial/editorial-smoking-ban-effective-immediately/article_24d3a228-f9e3-11e0-9e56-001cc4c03286.html