Quitting smoking is a battle that you can win with hypnotherapy

Redding News
29 June 2011

Stop smoking in one visit? So a hypnotherapist told me when I spoke with them a few weeks back on my radio show about their smoking cessation program. I was surprised it could take just one visit to kick such an addictive habit.

There's one big catch, however. You have to really want to stop. It can't be somebody else's idea. It must truly be something you're ready to do. If so, hypnosis can make it easier.

Hypnosis works by addressing the subconscious mind. This is the part of our brain that advertisers hijacked years ago. By repeating ideas, images and patterns we were manipulated to think that the Chevy Citation was worth owning.

Hypnotherapy simply aims to reprogram patterns of behavior and belief. There is much more that hypnotherapy can do beyond helping you stop smoking. It's known to help relieve irrational fears, phobias, past emotional and physical traumas. If you're worried that you leave yourself vulnerable to some type of alien programming body takeover, it won't happen. With hypnosis you only succumb to what you want to do: You're totally in control at all times. Forget all that movie hypnosis stuff.

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