Smoking ban in homes across the UK

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8 October 2010

A top doctor is calling for parents to be banned from smoking in their homes and cars, to protect children from the dangers of passive smoking.

The plans to extend the smoking ban from public places to private property have come under vast amounts of criticism from the general public. The general consensus is that the plans to stop smoking in houses where children live breaches smoker’s personal freedom, and is another example of the nanny state overstepping the mark.

Dr Jewell has defended his demands and claims they are vital to protect children from their parents habits, and it was ‘unfair’ for them to have to ‘bear the brunt’ of their smoking in the home. He feels that bringing in the smoking ban in the home shows a greater sense of commitment to the health of the nation’s children, who often do not have a choice but to breathe in their parents smoke.

He says that the new policy will also hammer home the increasing public consensus on the social acceptability of smoking.And encourage smokers to quit smoking. DR Jewell spoke out publicly on the proposed smoking ban saying that most smokers are distinctly aware of the dangers smoking has on their own health and their children’s, but they choose to overlook this. He put forward that smoking in the family home increases the risk of children developing asthma, dying from cot death and increases the likelihood that their offspring will take up smoking when they get older.

The Tobacco Manufacturers’ Association argued the new policy would be a step too far and would intrude on smoker’s personal freedom, but this could be seen as them trying to safeguard their own interest. A spokesman for the association said that smokers should be able to light up in their homes and cars when children are present as long as they dispose of the cigarette butts properly.

The dangers of passive smoking have been well researched over the years, and there is clear evidence that passive smoking has a detrimental effect on health, especially to young children. Though the common consensus is that smoking in the home is fine as long as it doesn't smell smokey, the tiny cancerous particles linger in the air long after the cigarette has been stubbed out. So should it be down to parent’s discretion? Or should the government intervene for the sake of our children’s health? You decide.

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