Smoking ban leads to reduced number of heart attacks in the UK

Harley Street Stop Smoking Clinic
9 June 2010

Thousands of heart attacks have been prevented because of the smoking ban, according to a study, with the number of people being admitted to hospital with cardiac arrests down by 100 a month since England went smoke-free.

Study leader Dr Anna Gilmore, director of the Tobacco Control Research Group at the University of Bath, said: “Given the large number of heart attacks in this country each year, even a relatively small reduction has important public health benefits. This study provides further evidence of the benefits of smoke-free legislation.”

Annual cardiac arrest admissions in England:

2002/03: 61,498

2003/04: 60,680 (a fall of 1.33%)

2004/05: 58,803 (a fall of 3.1%)

2005/06: 55,752 (a fall of 5.19%)

2006/07: 53,964 (a fall of 3.21%)

2007/08: 51,664 (a fall of 4.26%)


The Harley Street Stop Smoking Clinic is pleased that the number of heart attacks in the UK has decreased since the smoking ban.  We have seen that many clients see the smoking ban as another reason to give up smoking, health is usually the main reason followed by looks.  Stop smoking hypnotherapy is quick, easy and effective.  Stop ruining your life and your health and give up smoking with hypnosis.  Everyone wants to live a long healthy life, so speak to our trained hypnotherapists at the London stop smoking clinic for Stop Smoking Clinic hypnotherapy.

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