Emphysema woman helps smokers quit

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24 June 2011

Susan Traxel Martin started smoking when she was 14. She quit when she was diagnosed with emphysema about seven years ago.

She's 56 now and says she has a year to live.

Susan's lung capacity is down to 17 percent, and she totes a oxygen tank with her to stay alive. Now she's hoping others will learn from her.

"I have emphysema, and I'm really anxious to see people stop smoking before they get this disease," said Martin.

Susan smoked one to two packs of cigarettes a week and never expected anything like this to happen.

"It puts a face on who can become ill with lung disease, especially to my friends and family," said Martin.

She likes the government's recent decision to place graphic images on cigarette packs by next year. She's even come up with a pamphlet to hand out to loved ones and friends who still smoke.

"Even though on the outside I look like I'm very strong and I am strong. But on the inside my lungs have begun to deflate," said Martin. Her biggest message to smokers out there is one of hope.

"Don't ever say no. I'm not going to stop. Because things can change," said Martin.

Susan has been hoping and praying for a miracle, and she got some good news this week. She's a candidate for a double lung transplant at Duke University Hospital and will likely have it before the end of the year. Doctors at Duke tell her that could extend her life by a decade.


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