Stop Smoking For Heart Health

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1 February 2010

Smoking is a habit that has a major impact on heart health. A large scale study at the Tel Aviv University researched the effects of quitting or cutting down on smoking had a positive effect on health after a major health event, such as a heart attack.

In the study, reported in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology, the researchers found that quitting smoking after a heart attack had about the same positive effect as other major interventions, such as lipid lowering agents like statins or more invasive procedures.

Dr. Yariv Gerber, of the TAU Sackler School of Medicine, stated, "It is really the most broad and eye opening study of its kind. Smoking really decreases your life expectancy after a heart attack. Those who have never smoked have a 43% lower risk of succumbing after a heart attack, compared to the persistent smoker.'

People with a history of smoking can cut their risk, according to the TAU researchers. Dr. Gerber stated “We found that people who quit smoking after their first heart attack had a 37 % lower risk of dying from another, compared to those who continued to smoke.' Researchers also found that cutting back on smoking had a positive effect on health. Cutting back on smoking decreases the risk, but continuing to smoke still carries risks of cancer and lung disease.

 Continuing to smoke has a detrimental effect on the body and it is not only the lungs that are susceptible, as we can see from this research, our heart health is also affected.  Anyone that has heart complications should stop smoking immediately or risk further complications.  Stop smoking hypnotherapy is one of the most effective methods to give up smoking, proven to beat all other methods.  The majority of clients that visit stop smoking london at the Harley Street Stop Smoking Clinic become non smokers after just one visit.  One easy session is all it takes to stop smoking with hypnosis.  Talk to our trained stop smoking hypnotherapists today and enjoy life without cigarettes.  Our unique stop smoking program can help you lead a healthier life today.

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