Workers Offered Smoke-Free Bonus

28 May 2008

Smokers are being offered a cash bonus to quit the habit by a firm who will also give money to a cancer charity if the employee gives up puffing away.

Ten workers at a vehicle-tracking company near Leeds have signed up for the scheme with the aim of remaining smoke-free until 31 December.

Smokers who light up ten or more cigarettes daily can join the scheme.

A spokeswoman for Cancer Research UK said more employers could help their staff give up smoking.

The handful of smokers at the 200-strong vehicle-tracking company, Masternaut Three X, based in Aberford, Leeds, have signed up to the scheme which begins on 1 June.

Employee pledge

The company will pay £1,250 to each worker who remains smoke-free until 31 December and will also donate the same amount per employee to Cancer Research.

To qualify employees must sign a pledge to say they will be honest about their achievements.

Robert Sanders, a customer service advisor who currently smokes 20 cigarettes a day, is taking part in the scheme.

He said: "The cash reward along with the contribution to charity has given me the motivation and a compelling reason to quit."

Elspeth Lee, Cancer Research UK's head of tobacco control, added: "Employers can play a key role in supporting staff to quit smoking.

"Masternaut Three X should be applauded for its commitment to staff health and well-being."

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