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Unique New Form of Advanced Hypnosis to Stop Smoking

The Harley Street Stop Smoking Clinic uses a unique form of world class advanced hypnosis to achieve amazing results. Old destructive patterns of behaviour and thinking are altered, producing a dramatic transformation which has been found to be highly effective in the treatment of addictions, such as smoking.

Described as "hypnotherapy for the 21st Century", London's Harley Street Stop Smoking Clinic uses a unique new form of advanced hypnosis resulting in truly amazing results.

Possibly The Most Effective Way To Quit Smoking

The majority of our clients stop smoking after just one session of advanced hypnosis.

Less than 5% of our clients need a second session, however if a follow up session is required within 30 days, there is no extra charge.

Perhaps the most effective way to stop smoking available, this unique program costs just £395 (inc VAT @ 20%).  We are VAT registered due to the success of our process and demand for our service.  Read why it is important to choose an established, VAT registered company.

Advanced Hypnosis For Fast, Effective Change

Painless, natural and drug free, our unique program is fast, enjoyable and highly effective.  Helping you to take control and lead the new, healthier, habit free life you desire.

Stop Smoking Fast

Don't waste another day ruining your looks and killing yourself by smoking.  Book your appointment and Stop Smoking Today.

Feel Great, Look Younger & Fitter
and Live Longer as a Healthy Non-Smoker

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"Just 1 session and I haven't smoked since and I feel great" - Mr G M - London      "I feel great. I am so happy to be a non smoker. " - MS D F - South Africa      "I haven't put on one ounce since quitting" - Ms R L - London      "I am confident I will never smoke again" - Dr P M - London      "After 23 years of heavy smoking and trying everything else, I gave up after just one session" - Mr S B - Stoke on Trent      "The best thing I ever did was give up smoking and I couldn't have done it without you " - Mr J T - Paris

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