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Title Published Date
X-Factor Winner Matt Cardle Stops Smoking at The Harley Street Stop Smoking Clinic Evening Standard 17 July 2015
Ban 'Toxic' E-Cigarettes Indoors, Says WHO The Telegraph 26 August 2014
Doctors Urge WHO To Rein In E-Cigarette Market The Guardian 16 June 2014
Smoking Costs UK Businesses £8.7 Billion CEBR 9 March 2014
Harley Street Stop Smoking Clinic Introduce Ground-breaking New Programme HSSSC News 28 January 2014
Cigarettes Damage Your Brain and Smokers Have Double The Risk of Stroke Death The Independent 30 December 2013
Reducing Smoking Prevalence through Tobacco Control and Smoking Cessation Capita Conferences 9 October 2013
Vaping May Be Hazardous To Your Health Bloomberg News 1 September 2013
Are celebrities making smoking cool again? How stars have boosted sale of e-cigarettes Daily Mail 11 August 2013
Lung cancer overtakes breast cancer as most deadly form of disease among UK women The Telegraph 13 Feb 2013
Childhood asthma 'admissions down' after smoking ban BBC News 3 Feb 2013
MEPs plan tobacco subsidies as Brussels fights smoking The Telegraph 3 Feb 2012
Quitting smoking 'reduces anxiety' BBC 2 Feb 2013
Government release new graphic anti-smoking advert The Telegraph 28 Dec 2012
Smokers are failing to quit within first 24 hours The Independent 26 Dec 2012
Light smoking 'doubles sudden heart death risk in women' BBC 12 Dec 2012
Tobacco display ban in Scotland to begin in April 2013 BBC News 12 Dec 2012
James Buchanan Duke: Father of the modern cigarette BBC News 13 Nov 2012
Stop smoking with your kids on board ITV News 2 Nov 2012
Over 28,000 Midlanders took part in mass quit smoking attempt Central News 30 Oct 2012
Mother claims controversial stop-smoking drug Champix gave her epilepsy Daily Mail 30 Oct 2012
Stroke victims urged to stop smoking Belfast Telegraph 28 Oct 2012
Women Who Quit Smoking May Gain Up to 10 Years of Life: Study Doctor's Lounge 26 Oct 2012
Human excrement, asbestos and dead flies: The ingredients found in fake cigarettes that cost the taxpayer billions Daily Mail 9 Sept 2012
Lebanon smoking ban provokes protests BBC News 4 Sept 2012
Smoking more than 20 cigarettes a day triples chance of brain haemorrhage Daily Mail 30 Aug 2012
Young cannabis smokers run risk of lower IQ, report claims BBC News 28 Aug 2012
Passive smoking in pregnancy BBC 31 Jul 2012
Electronic cigarette caused M6 Terror Alert The Guardian 5 Jul 2012
Foster The People's Mark Foster: 'Snoop Dogg inspired me to quit smoking marijuana' NME 5 Jul 2012
Help for Orangutan to Quit Smoking The Guardian 1 Jul 2012
A jab to quit smoking: 'DNA vaccine' will halt nicotine cravings BBC News 27 Jun 2012
Playground trade 'drives smoking' News 30 Apr 2012
Graphic warning labels on cigarette packets work better BBC News 15 Jun 2012
Stop smoking ban's impact five years on BBC News 21 Jun 2012
Quitters still end up winners Gulf news 23 Apr 2012
Omega-3 Fatty Acids May Help to Reduce the Physical Harm Caused by Smoking Science Daily 20 Apr 2012
Knee and hip replacements are more likely to fail in smokers than nonsmokers Health Day News 20 Apr 2012
Exercise to help you quit smoking World Heart Federation 20 Apr 2012
Anti-tobacco TV ads help adults stop smoking study finds Science Daily 19 Apr 2012
Nicotine patches via a helpline 'does not' help more smokers to quit Telegraph 23 Mar 2012
Nicotine therapy doesn't help people quit smoking - study Daily Telegraph 19 Feb 2012
Electronic cigarette Explodes inside Vietnam Vet's mouth & blows out all his teeth Daily Mail 16 Feb 2012
Smoking Kills - Smoker killed by fireball after he dropped Zippo lighter on car seat The Daily Mail 15 Feb 2012
Men who smoke 'more likely to suffer dementia in later life' Daily Mail 7 Feb 2012
60% of lung cancer patients in UAE are smokers Gulf News 5 Feb 2012
Sex advice: my husband’s smoking puts me off him The Times 24 Jan 2012
Cancer patients 'do not give up smoking when they should' Spire Health 23 Jan 2012
Simon Cowell visits London clinic for nicotine addiction unrealitytv 23 Jan 2012
Boxing champion shot after asking men to stop smoking 121doc 15 Jan 2012
Pregnant mothers who quit smoking ‘likeliest to have easy-going child’ The Times Health 15 Jan 2012
Mesmerise Me Times 10 Jan 2012
Stop Smoking Isn't Sexy - Its Official Online 18 Dec 2011
Quitting Smoking Improves Happiness, Quality of Life Doctors' Lounge 16 Dec 2011
Hollywood A-listers quit smoking Phil Star 25 Oct 2011
Bid to cut smoking in pregnancy could save 13 babies a year Glasgow News 19 Oct 2011
Lebanon Smoking ban effective immediately Lebanon Express 19 Oct 2011
Cigarette Price Hike Irish Times 18 Oct 2011
Study shows smoking triggers early menopause in some women 121doc 18 Oct 2011
Quitting smoking is a battle that you can win with hypnotherapy Redding News 29 Jun 2011
Emphysema woman helps smokers quit WDBJ7 News 24 June 2011
Smokers more likely to quit smoking for their pets BBC News 10 Apr 2011
No Smoking Day - Quit Smoking Today Harley Street Stop Smoking Clinic 9 Mar 2011
Bloomberg Makes Case for Banning Bus Stop Smoking DNA Info 4 Mar 2011
Doctors Call for Smoking Ban in Cars with Children Evolution 4 Mar 2011
Mom's smoking ups risk of heart defects in baby Reuters 3 Mar 2011
New York smoking ban extended to parks and coastlines BBC News 3 Feb 2011
Cool Teenagers Use Peer Pressure to Prevent Smoking Fast News 11 Oct 2010
Why we should never pay for people to be healthy! The Mirror 11 Oct 2010
Smoking ban in homes across the UK Private Healthcare Online 8 Oct 2010
Nicotine linked to breast cancer risk, study finds STL Health & Fitness 6 Oct 2010
PHA gives smokers 4,000 reasons to stop smoking Health Canal 6 Oct 2010
Finland Driven to Stop All Smoking Short News 3 Oct 2010
Breckland councillors back smoke break ban BBC News 29 Sept 2010
Natalie Imbruglia on how hypnosis helped her give up smoking Daily Mail 22 Jun 2010
Coleen Nolan vows to stop smoking STV 13 Jun 2010
Two-year-old Indonesian learns to stop smoking Taipei News 10 Jun 2010
Champix/Chantix Side Effects Lead to New Canadian Warnings Inferno News 10 Jun 2010
Casualty actor's attack on girlfriend 'caused by smoke drug' Metro 9 Jun 2010
Smoking ban leads to reduced number of heart attacks in the UK Harley Street Stop Smoking Clinic 9 Jun 2010
Second hand smoke linked to mental health risks by new study UCL 9 Jun 2010
Doctors’ new plea for women to quit smoking during pregnancy OnMedica 1 Jun 2010
Study: One cigarette a month is enough to get a child hooked NPR News 31 May 2010
Nicotine Replacement Studies Funded By Drug Companies Over Estimate Results HSSC 9 Feb 2010
New Tobacco Danger: 'Third-Hand Smoke' AOL News 8 Feb 2010
Stop Smoking For Heart Health Huliq News 1 Feb 2010
Government's anti-cigarette drive to stop you smoking at the wheel and at home Daily Mail 1 Feb 2010
Cancer Survival Doubled By Quitting Smoking Zenopa News 25 Jan 2010
Smokers given early ageing shock BBC News 21 Jan 2010
Smoking Increases Risk Of Blindness In Old Age Medical News Today 4 Jan 2010
Football stars urge smokers to quit Press Association 8 Oct 2009
NHS: Smoking ban made no difference This is London 30 Sept 2009
One in 20 hospital admissions 'due to smoking' The Telegraph 29 Sept 2009
Smoking risk for middle aged men Channel 4 News 18 Sept 2009
Smokers Itching To Quit Now Know Why Red Orbit 14 Sept 2009
Nine in 10 children do not want parents to smoke Daily Telegraph 14 Sept 2009
Stop Smoking For Safer Surgery AHN News 15 Jul 2009
Computer images show how smoking ages people Bolton News 13 Jul 2009
Anti-smoking drugs can make you crazy La Times 1 Jul 2009
Smoking may cause brain damage Examiner 29 Jun 2009
If you’re expecting – stop smoking… even if you’re already well into your pregnancy Health News Agency 26 Jun 2009
President Obama signs anti-smoking laws ABC News 22 Jun 2009
Stressed smokers 'delay quitting' Press Association 21 Jun 2009
NRT Failure rate of 98.4% British Medical Journal 29 Apr 2009
Smoking ban at hospitals ‘is being ignored’ Airdrie & Coatbridge Advertiser 15 Apr 2009
Stop smoking or have impulsive children, warns a study Merinews 14 Apr 2009
People don't quit smoking even after a heart attack GR Reporter 10 Apr 2009
You need to stop smoking — doctor's orders The Buffalo News 4 Apr 2009
Smoking: Four Die Every Day Leicester Mercury 9 Feb 2009
Banning tobacco displays won’t stop youths smoking Belfast Telegraph 7 Feb 2009
Smokers offered £30 vouchers to give up The Argus 6 Feb 2009
Pregnant mums ignoring smoking advice Hartlepool Mail 5 Feb 2009
Will Smoking Affect My Surgery? Post Journal 29 Jan 2009
WHO urges Government to tackle smoking irish Times 29 Jan 2009
Three Year Olds To Be Warned About Smoking UK Medix 27 Jan 2009
Weight Gain - Reason To Kick The Habit The Med Guru 27 Jan 2009
Smoking Toddler's Mother's Guilty BBC News 22 Jan 2009
Obama On Front Lines In Battle To Stop Smoking American Medical News 19 Jan 2009
Warning Over Third Hand Smoke BBC News 6 Jan 2009
Worried children help 40-a-day mum quit smoking The Mirror 5 Jan 2009
What will happen to me? The Guardian 5 Dec 2008
Stop-Smoking Drug Chantix Linked to Suicide Natural News 27 Oct 2008
If You Have Rheumatoid Arthritis and You Smoke, Listen Up Newswise 25 Oct 2008
Struggling With Alcohol? Better Quit Smoking, Too US Health News 24 Oct 2008
Passport to wellness: Commit to quit Maryland Gazette 22 Oct 2008
New Warnings About Popular Stop Smoking Drug The Pittsburgh Channel 22 Oct 2008
Nicotine Contributes to Spread of Breast Cancer News Inferno 20 Oct 2008
Daniel Craig Thinks That Bond Should Stop Smoking Celebrity Cafe 17 Oct 2008
Smoking Kills 227 people a day in England The Independent 17 Oct 2008
5% Of Hospital Admissions Among Adults Due To Smoking Medical News Today 16 Oct 2008
Quality of Life In Old Age Negatively Impacted By Smoking When Young Medical News Today 14 Oct 2008
After Heart Attack Many Still Continue To Smoke International News Newtwork 13 Oct 2008
Public Smoking Ban Helps High Number Of People To Quit The Jackson Sun 13 Oct 2008
Cheap Tobacco From Smugglers 'Causes 4,000 Deaths A Year' The Guardian 10 Oct 2008
Price Hike Won't Turn Japanese KIds Off Smoking Mainichi Daily Telegraph 9 Oct 2008
Smoking Now Costs NHS £2.7 Billion A Year The Mirror 7 Oct 2008
Smoking Amongst Young People On The Increase The Independent - Malta 7 Oct 2008
Young Smokers Need Help To Kick The Habit Eastbourne Herald 7 Oct 2008
City Tops Smoking Death Statistics Plymouth Herald 2 Oct 2008
Smoking While Pregnant Linked to Higher Risk of Cot Death Kiddicare 1 Oct 2008
Smoking Kills One a Day Get Reading 30 Sept 2008
Graphic Warnings For Smokers Staff`Nurse 29 Sept 2008
Paul Newman Dies of Lung Cancer Medical News 28 Sept 2008
Quit Smoking With Hypnotherapy The Gulf News 18 Sept 2008
Stop Smoking Message Taken to the Streets of London BBC 18 Sept 2008
UK Government Told Stop Being So Mealy Mouthed on Tobacco OnMedica News 8 Sept 2008
Is The Damage From Smoking Permanent? TIME 30 June 2008
Workers Offered Smoke Free Bonus BBC 28 May 2008
Gwen Stops Smoking at 81 The Evening Star 17 May 2008
Researchers Find Smoking Lung Cancer Culprit Reuters 13 May 2008
Children's Peers Are Best People To Warn of Smoking Dangers The Independent 9 May 2008
Ewan McGregor Quits Smoking With Hypnotherapy Contact Music 24 April 2008
$267,000 Reward To Stop Smoking As-Safir 24 April 2008
Author Has Lung Cancer But Won't Stop Smoking The Times 24 April 2008
Traders Offer Bribe to Stop Anti-Smoking Campaign Arab Times 24 April 2008
An Unlikely Celebrity Fights Smoking New York Times 22 April 2008
Can Beijing Stop 4m People Smoking The Times 1 April 2008
Government Could Ban Display of Cigarettes The Independent 24 March 2008
Mothers Who Quit Smoking ‘Likeliest To Have Easy-Going Child’ The Times 13 March 2008
Anti Smoking Drug Linked to Suicides Given NHS Approval The Independent 28 February 2008
Champix: Is This Smoking Pill Safe? The Daily Mail 22 January 2008
Smoking Risks For Women BBC August 2007
Time To Bin Smoking The Sunday Times 1 June 2007
Mothers' Smoking to Blame for Up To 90% of Cot Deaths Marie Claire 15 October 2007
Hypnosis Stopped Me Smoking Manchester Evening News 2 October 2006
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