The Unexpected Ways Quitting Smoking Can Change Your Life

By now, the health benefits of quitting smoking are widely known. The fact that quitting lowers your risk of lung cancer and heart disease are probably one of the main reasons why 70% of adult smokers say they want to quit permanently. But the benefits of quitting don’t

Thirdhand Smoking Linked To Type 2 Diabetes

If you smoke and you live with others or with pets, thirdhand smoke is a great reason to quit. A study on mice published in the journal PLOS ONE has shown that thirdhand smoke (which settles on furniture and other common surfaces) can lead to Type 2

What to Understand After Stopping Smoking

While smoking in the UK has reduced overall, 15.8% of people still smoked as of 2016, according to the Office for National Statistics. Every year, people try to quit on their own, and every year, only a few are successful. Quitting alone almost never works, which is why

The Impact of Smoking on Your Workout

Smoking has been one of the most destructive widespread habits known to mankind. Sadly, it’s also among some of the most difficult habits to stop for many when using willpower alone. Smoking has several direct and indirect repercussions and in this article, we will discuss how smoking

The Effects of Smoking on Your Dental Health

Approximately 9 million adults in the UK smoke cigarettes which equates to 19% of men and 15% of women. Of these, two-thirds started smoking before the age of 18. Despite these somewhat alarming figures, smoking rates across the United Kingdom continue to fall, showing a sharp decline since 2010

It Is Never Too Late to Quit Smoking

According to the Health and Social Care Information Centre, 19% of adults in Great Britain smoked in 2014 with the average daily consumption per adult being 11 cigarettes. During the same year it was also estimated that up to 78,000 deaths could be attributed to smoking-related complications. The

Smoking a Major Pneumonia Risk for Seniors

If you needed one more reason to quit smoking, there could be no better one than pneumonia: a series of lung infections that takes the lives of 10% to 30% of people aged over 65 who develop it. Seniors, by virtue of their age, have a greater

How Cannabis Affects Memory

Are you a cannabis smoker? Have you noticed yourself becoming more forgetful and struggling to remember certain things during your day-to-day life? As it turns out you are not alone, and there could be a direct link between your cannabis consumption and your memory troubles. Various studies

Mood Swings: How to Deal with These Quit Smoking Side Effects

Some people struggle with mood swings when they decide to quit smoking. The feelings of anger, anxiety or frustration can leave you wondering if quitting is even worth it at all, and before you know it you are back on the cigarettes. If you want to quit

How To Quit Smoking The Right Way

If you have decided that 2017 is the year that you quit smoking for good, you might be wondering what is the best method. Will nicotine replacement be the most successful, using patches or gums? Maybe you are thinking of trying Champix? Perhaps you are considering hypnotherapy?

Stop Smoking Hypnosis Success For Asda ‘Good Living’ Blogger

For Stoptober 2016, Asda Good Living sent a blogger to our clinic to put our Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy treatment to an independent test. We are thrilled to announce that the lady in question successfully quit smoking in just a single session of Advanced Hypnosis You can read the week-by-week

How Smoking Causes Cancer – The Science Behind The Risk

It is common knowledge that smoking cigarettes can greatly increase your risk of developing multiple types of cancer and other diseases. New research has revealed how the chemicals inside the cigarettes you smoke are damaging your organs, even in parts of your body that do not come

Officials Warn That Smokers Could Be Denied Routine Surgery… Is It Time To Quit?

In an effort to reduce costs and balance the books, hospitals may be introducing limits on certain non-essential surgeries, as demand for services puts them under pressure. One group of people who may be denied routine surgery is those who smoke. ‘Why?’ you might ask. Well, there

The Facts You Need To Know About IBS & Smoking

If you suffer from Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) you know the debilitating effects it can have on your quality of life, including your physical and emotional health, and ability to work and socialise in a normal way. You may spend time tracking your food intake, worrying about

EU Law On Cigarettes: Sale & Packaging Shake-Up

As of today, Friday 20th May, an EU directive has come into force banning the sale of ten packs of cigarettes. Not only that, but standardised bland packaging is being rolled out throughout the industry with 60% of the packaging showcasing the detrimental health effects caused by

The Truth About Smoking And Diabetes

Everyone is aware of the health risks associated with smoking when it comes to cancer and cardiovascular disease, but not everyone would immediately connect smoking with diabetes, or consider the consequences of continuing to smoke after developing the condition. If you are worried about developing diabetes, or you

Our Top 5 Tips For Staying Motivated With Your New Year’s Resolution

Every year a huge portion of the population make a New Year’s resolution, only to give up before January is even over. If you are struggling to stay on target this year with your smoking cessation resolution read on to find out our top tips for staying motivated

Our Top 5 Smoking Craving Fixes!

If you are participating in Stoptober this year you have almost reached the finish line, well done! By now, your system is clean of nicotine, and your internal organs are beginning to repair and rejuvenate themselves. You have probably noticed that you no longer get out of

Stoptober 2015: How Are You Quitting Smoking?

How are you quitting this Stoptober? It is that time of year again! Every October the NHS encourages smokers to go cigarette free for the month, offering free support and guidance to those looking to make this healthy lifestyle change. According to the NHS those who go

Celebrity Client & West End Star Matt Cardle Talks Stop Smoking Hypnosis Success On ITV

It was great to see a previous client of our clinic, West End Star and 2010 X-factor winner Matt Cardle, talking on ITV1’s ‘Lorraine’ show about his success at stopping smoking after receiving hypnotherapy. Matt gives a excellent explanation of his experience of becoming a healthy non-smoker by using the power of the mind and how any thought about

Stop Smoking & Save The Planet!

Smoking cigarettes is known to be harmful to your health. Everyone has seen the warnings on cigarette packets, the public health announcements and adverts on television or in magazines, and more. However, how many people know the extent of the damage that smoking and the cigarette industry cause

Is Smoking Harming Your Pets?

National Pet Day takes place this April, seeking to promote responsible pet ownership and raise funds for essential UK charities. Those of us with pets would like to say we do everything to keep them healthy and happy; feeding them nutritious pet food, ensuring they get enough exercise,

Are You A Proud Quitter Yet?

This year the British Heart Foundation’s No Smoking Day campaign takes place on Wednesday March 11th. The first No Smoking Day took place in 1983, and although the number of smokers has halved since then, there are still 10 million people who smoke in the UK. The campaign

Three Risks Of Smoking To Women’s Health You Didn’t Know

International Women’s day seeks to raise awareness for women’s equality, and to celebrate the achievements of inspirational women everywhere, with thousands of events taking place across the globe. Protecting and ensuring the health of women should be on everyone’s mind as we seek to help women all over the

Latest Smoking News Highlights Why You Need To Visit A Stop Smoking Clinic

So, you have been thinking about stopping smoking for a few weeks, maybe even months or years, but you just never seem to find the right time to do so. It is easy to procrastinate when it comes to quitting cigarettes, especially when you are so busy dealing

Why Lent Is The Perfect Time To Stop Smoking

Every year people all over the globe give up their vices for Lent, whether this is abstaining from chocolate, going without alcohol, or no longer indulging in unhealthy snack foods. Lent is a Christian festival, traditionally involving the giving up of rich foods between Ash Wednesday and Easter.

Harley Street Stop Smoking Clinic On Local and National Radio (Listen Again)

Last week, Fabio Del Piero from our clinic spoke extensively on local and national radio about how hypnotherapy can help people succeed in their New Year’s ‘stop smoking’ resolutions. Fabio discussed how trying to quit smoking with willpower alone often leads to failure and can also feel like very hard work.

On-Air Radio Testimonial For Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy

Thank you to DJ Jonny P for sharing his positive experience at the Harley Street Stop Smoking Clinic. Jonny visited Rory M-J for a single session at our clinic and we always enjoy hearing how well our clients are doing as happy, healthy non-smokers. DJ Jonny P on Freek FM – Stop Smoking

How To Achieve Your New Year’s Resolution

According to a study by the University of Scranton only 8% of people successfully keep their New Year’s resolution goals, whether this is losing weight, saving money, or stopping smoking. Finding the motivation, willpower, and self-belief to form a New Year’s resolution and stick to it can

5 Reasons To Stop Smoking With Hypnotherapy This Christmas

You might assume that deciding to quit smoking in the days up to and following Christmas would be a bad idea. Amongst the festivities, music, drinks and good food, you might believe there is nothing more natural than to have a cigarette to complete the celebrations. However,

Harley Street Stop Smoking Clinic Featured On LBC Radio

Rory M-J from the Harley Street Stop Smoking Clinic was featured tonight for an hour on LBC Radio, talking about clinical hypnotherapy for bad habits, including smoking cessation and Stoptober. It was a great show with lots of discussion about how hypnotherapy works to break the smoking habit

Harley Street Stop Smoking Clinic on BBC Radio and Commercial Stations

Did you hear the Harley Street Stop Smoking Clinic on BBC Radio and commercial stations this week?  We were talking hypnotherapy for bad habits, specifically ‘Stoptober’ and how to quit cigarettes, with interviews on 30 different stations including BBC Radio and commercial stations. You can listen again

No More Medwakh: Why You Should Quit Smoking Dokha

From electronic cigarettes, to roll-ups, to pipes, there seems to be an endless number of ways that people can get their nicotine fix. However, not all of these ways are created equal: one particularly popular form of smoking comes in the practice of smoking dokha, a tobacco

Why We See Young People Quitting At Our Stop Smoking Clinic

Remember the last scene in Grease when Sandy was dressed in black and Danny Zucko was crazy for her? The epitome of 1950s sexiness, desire, and appeal with cigarettes is no longer valid in today’s world. As we see first-hand in our stop smoking clinic, young people in modern

Why People Should Choose Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy If They Are Single or Dating

The phrase “It’s like kissing as ashtray” is a common one non-smokers use to describe kissing a smoker. If you are on the single scene, there are many reasons why you should receive stop smoking hypnotherapy and kick the habit. Smoking can be a deal-breaker for some.

Quit That Anti-Social Habit With Stop Smoking Hypnosis

The days of being a smoker for social reasons have disappeared. In today’s modern society, smoking is now considered a highly anti-social activity. Non-smokers are the popular majority, and they do not want to breathe your secondhand smoke, have their clothes and hair take on the odour

Visiting A Stop Smoking Hypnotist Can Help Your Children Avoid Becoming Smokers

If you are a smoker and have children, the best thing you can ever do for them is to quit smoking, with the most effective and increasingly popular method being to visit a stop smoking hypnotist and really kick the habit for good.   Parents who smoke

Can Hypnotherapy To Stop Smoking In Turn Boost Your Career?

It may be a question that you have never considered before, but can undergoing hypnotherapy to stop smoking positively affect your career? Everybody knows about the negative effect cigarettes can have on your physical health, but few consider the negative effects being a smoker can have on

Ways To Stop Smoking Cannabis Can Improve Your Mental Ability

Cannabis sativa, also known as marijuana, is a psychoactive sedative drug derived from a hemp plant that is used not just medically, but also by people for recreational use. The leaves and buds of the cannabis plant can be smoked, eaten with food, brewed in tea or

Inspirational Ex-Smoker Donna Westwood Raising Funds For Macmillan Cancer Support

The inspirational Donna Westwood, who quit smoking with hypnotherapy at the Harley Street Stop Smoking Clinic in July 2013, is now walking from London to Brighton in aid of Macmillan Cancer Support. The work the charity does is vital in helping those diagnosed with cancer and their families

Quit Smoking With Hypnosis To Increase Life Expectancy

Quitting smoking with hypnosis is one of the single most beneficial changes you can make to increase your life expectancy. Researchers have discovered that if you stop smoking before you turn 50 your risk of dying is practically reduced to that of a nonsmoker. Even giving up

Why Smoking Is No Longer A Fashion Statement

Smoking has often been regarded as fashionable throughout the history of the twentieth-century, accounting for a large amount of the habit’s popularity. The 1920s saw cigarette adverts that featured the great writer and aviation pioneer Amelia Earhart, amongst other stars, and assertions that smoking keeps you slim

How You Can Quit Smoking With Hypnosis Today

Many smokers who wish to quit smoking look for an effective way to do so. The fact is that you can quit smoking with hypnosis and you can take the first step today. Quitting smoking by making use of hypnosis is gaining increasing popularity. There are many

5 Reasons To Kick The Habit With Hypnotherapy For Smoking Cessation

There are many reasons why our clients at the Harley Street Stop Smoking Clinic decide to make the change to a smoke-free life. Here are FIVE GREAT REASONS to kick the habit… 1. To Save Money Smoking is expensive – according to the NHS the average 10