You might assume that deciding to quit smoking in the days up to and following Christmas would be a bad idea.

Amongst the festivities, music, drinks and good food, you might believe there is nothing more natural than to have a cigarette to complete the celebrations.

However, we would like to let you know why the Christmas period is really one of the best times to stop smoking, and there are so many reminders during this Holiday time to reveal all the good reasons to become a non-smoker.

1. It Is Far Too Cold Out To Be Smoking This Christmas!

There is not much enjoyable about the prospect of leaving the warmth of your living room, decorated with a sparkling Christmas tree and a glowing fire, to brave the chill of your front step or back garden in order to light up a cigarette. Although you may have once associated smoking with relaxation and pleasure, having to fight the icy wind on a Christmas morning whilst you shiver and listen to your family laughing inside is the opposite of fun. Quit smoking this Christmas and enjoy spending the whole day in the company of your family and friends rather than alone outside with a cigarette in your hand!

2. Because Christmas Is A Time For Family!

If you have ever considered quitting smoking for the benefit of you children or partner then Christmas is the perfect time. Your family may complain about the smell of smoke that lingers of your clothing, or you may find yourself spending money on cigarettes rather than saving the pennies towards a family trip… whatever it is that has made you consider quitting smoking previously, you may be reminded of all the good reasons to stop smoking as you sit around your dining room table, enjoying your turkey dinner with all the trimmings, and pulling crackers. Take the time to appreciate your loved ones this Christmas and perhaps ponder on all you can gain when you kick the habit for good.

3. For Many Healthy Christmases In Your Future!

It is no secret that smoking causes a variety of health problems including throat and lung cancer, emphysema and heart disease, all of which can lead to a serious reduction in the quality and length of your life. Just 24 hours after stopping smoking your risk for a heart attack already begins to drop. Men who quit smoking before they turn 30 can add ten years onto their life – that is ten extra Christmases! Stop smoking this Christmas and you can look forward to many more happy holidays in your future.

4. Christmas Dinner Can Taste Even Better!

Smoking can dull your sense of taste and smell, meaning that your Christmas dinner with all the trimmings has potential to be even more delicious than you realise! Within 48 hours of quitting smoking the nerve endings associated with taste and smell begin to heal and grow back, enhancing your senses and making those mash potatoes and parsnips even more of a tasty treat.

5. Because Wishes Do Come True!

You may have thought that you are a hopeless case when it comes to stopping smoking, that it is something you could never do no matter how much you want it. However, wishes really do come true, and here at the Harley Street Stop Smoking Clinic our expert hypnotherapists can help you to quit smoking for good. Using sophisticated hypnosis techniques and a tailored approach you can overcome your habit comfortably and naturally; by working with the subconscious mind our Harley Street hypnotherapists make essential changes to your relationship with cigarettes, allowing them to simply fade from your mind.