As of today, Friday 20th May, an EU directive has come into force banning the sale of ten packs of cigarettes.

Not only that, but standardised bland packaging is being rolled out throughout the industry with 60% of the packaging showcasing the detrimental health effects caused by smoking.

Companies will not be allowed to use language such as ‘organic’ or ‘lite’ on their packaging either, as it would suggest that particular brand of cigarette is not as damaging as others. Furthermore, menthol and flavoured tobacco will be banned from 2020 onwards.

These changes have been made in an effort to prevent young people from starting smoking. Although the overall number of smokers is decreasing each year, The Independent recently reported that around 600 young people take up smoking each day. The legislation hopes to decrease this number and tackle the issue of smoking related illness and death in the current generation coming through.

If you are already a smoker, but are looking to quit smoking, there is no better time than today. Stopping smoking is not only beneficial for your health, but it can improve so many aspects of your life and well-being, including improving your financial situation and making you feel and look better than ever before.