According to a study by the University of Scranton only 8% of people successfully keep their New Year’s resolution goals, whether this is losing weight, saving money, or stopping smoking. 

Finding the motivation, willpower, and self-belief to form a New Year’s resolution and stick to it can be daunting and just too challenging.

So, if you have set yourself the goal to stop smoking this 2015 but are finding it difficult to overcome the habit, there is a number of beneficial techniques that everyone can employ to help make the process of stopping smoking more comfortable and successful.

Top 5 Tips To Stop Smoking Successfully This 2015

  1. Stay positive!

To ensure that you have the best possible chance in achieving your New Year’s resolution, one of techniques you must practice is positive thinking. So often you may find yourself framing your thoughts negatively, seeing your previous attempts at stopping smoking as ‘failures’ or evidence of your lack of willpower. However, this negative internal dialogue actually acts as a form of self-hypnosis, and as these thoughts of failure and impossibility sink into your subconscious mind it can make the process of quitting cigarettes even trickier. Turn those negative thoughts on their heads and start to see the sunny side!

  • Don’t think about what you’re losing, think about what you’re gaining

So many people approach us at the Harley Street Stop Smoking Clinic saying that without smoking they worry about what they will do with their time, how they will relax, and what it will be like once they have quit cigarettes permanently. If you have been smoking for a very long time it is natural to have such concerns, especially if you cannot remember what life as a non-smoker was like. But instead of focusing on what you perceive are losses to your quality of life, why not write a list of everything you seek to gain from stopping smoking?

If you worry about relaxation without cigarettes you could calculate how much money you will be saving, and plan a luxury spa day with the extra money you now have. Or, if you are concerned about what to do with the extra time not smoking, you could research which books you would like to read, or decide to learn a new skill or hobby with the saved time.

  • Go public

Go public with your resolution – this could mean posting on a social networking site, declaring your resolution to your friends, or even writing up a fictitious  contract with yourself and pinning it up by your bed. The sense of accountability, and also the support, that you get from sharing your resolution with those you know can be very powerful in helping you stick to your stop smoking goal.

  • Reward yourself

Rewarding yourself when you make progress towards your end goal serves as a great way of boosting your will power and getting closer to success. Rewards could include watching your favourite movie after refusing to smoke when out socialising, or buying yourself a treat when you walked past your local newsagent without buying a packet of cigarettes. Little rewards for good behaviour – rather than punishing yourself when things go wrong – can also help you to remain positive and bolster your sense of self-confidence and belief.

  • Book A Hypnotherapy For Stop Smoking Appointment!

With our high success rate and unique approach to stop smoking hypnosis, visiting our Harley Street hypnotherapy clinic removes all of the usual difficulty and discomfort associated with stopping smoking. Through our unique combination of powerful techniques, advanced technology, and tailored approach you may find stopping smoking more comfortable and effective than you have ever experienced it before. If you are one of the huge percentage of people who find quitting with willpower alone too difficult, and by the time February comes around you are already smoking again, then hypnotherapy may be the answer to helping you quit cigarettes successfully. Make 2015 the year your resolution succeeds!