Many smokers who wish to quit smoking look for an effective way to do so. The fact is that you can quit smoking with hypnosis and you can take the first step today.

Quitting smoking by making use of hypnosis is gaining increasing popularity. There are many reasons for this.

First of all, it is an extremely safe way to quit smoking. There are no drugs being used. Hence there is no question of addiction or side effects of any kind.

People also like hypnotherapy to stop smoking as they find it fast as well as effective. For example, at the Harley Street Stop Smoking Clinic, all clients need to do is attend a single session. This means that you do not have to go through months or even years of complicated therapy or treatment in order to give up this bad habit.

There is no doubt about the efficiency of this method. Smoking cessation hypnotherapy is all about putting your mind in a relaxed state where you are open to suggestions about being a healthy non-smoker. You are made more aware, unconsciously, of the harmful effects of smoking. At this deeper level, you decide to quit smoking. Once you have decided, it becomes easier and easier just to forget about cigarettes.

During hypnosis you are also made aware of three basic things, but at a much deeper level than through ordinary ‘conscious’ suggestion. First of all, you are told that smoking harms your body by poisoning it. Next you are told that you need your body as you wish to live and enjoy your life. The third thing that you are made aware of during hypnosis is that you need to respect your body, both now and in the future. Hence you have to take good care of it and protect it. Thus you need to quit smoking in order to do so.

If you wish to quit smoking with hypnotherapy, there is a particular schedule that you would be following. It would begin with a phone or online booking. Next, there would be your in-person session. During this session, you will move through a range of advanced hypnosis techniques, visualisations and breathing exercises. In this way, a state of extreme relaxation and focused concentration is achieved.

Once you reach this state, the hypnotherapist will make powerful statements that put the smoking habit firmly in the past. All of these statements become embedded in your unconscious (‘subconscious’) mind. Then you are brought back to your alert state. At this time, the part of your brain that promoted the urge to smoke has already been reprogrammed with positive thoughts about being a healthy non-smoker. This is why typically one session of hypnotherapy for smoking cessation is enough for you to quit smoking.

The most important thing in order to ensure that this approach is effective is that you need to have an inherent desire to quit. In case you are going through this process only because somebody else asked you to, then it will always be less effective. So you need to recognise the perils of smoking on your own first, and then take the next step to quit smoking with hypnotherapy.