From electronic cigarettes, to roll-ups, to pipes, there seems to be an endless number of ways that people can get their nicotine fix.

However, not all of these ways are created equal: one particularly popular form of smoking comes in the practice of smoking dokha, a tobacco of Arabian origin, using a type of pipe called a medwakh.

Unlike your usual cigarette, dokha can contain up to five times the amount of nicotine. Many people who indulge in this form of smoking often report feeling dizzy due to the high amounts of nicotine they are inhaling.

Where these different methods of smoking are equal is in their negative effects on your health. Just as with any smoking, using a pipe to inhale your tobacco mixes does not take away from the effects the habit can have on your lungs and cardiovascular system. Studies have shown that smoking dokha can have an immediate effect on an individual’s blood pressure, heart rate and respiratory rate. Just as with the chemicals found in cigarettes, smoking dokha can increase an individual’s risk of developing various terminal illnesses, including cancer. Disturbingly, due to smoking’s effects, even very young smokers are putting themselves at risk of heart attacks.

What is more alarming however is that research has shown that consumption of tobacco products in the Arab world has increased over the last fifty years, especially amongst young men and university students. With 15% of smokers choosing medwakh, its common usage in some Arab countries cannot be ignored.

Due to the fact that only a small amount of research has been done into the specific effects of smoking tobaccos such as dokha, and the lack of public awareness campaigns, many people believe that smoking tobaccos such as dokha or shisha are relatively harmless. However, it is precisely because of the lack of extensive research that smokers need to be more careful than ever.

We simply cannot know how harmful smoking dokha is compared to your average cigarette, and it may in fact be far worse to our health. Now is the perfect time to quit smoking all forms of tobacco, before the research is carried out and shows that you have cut far too many years off your life already.

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