The days of being a smoker for social reasons have disappeared. In today’s modern society, smoking is now considered a highly anti-social activity.

Non-smokers are the popular majority, and they do not want to breathe your secondhand smoke, have their clothes and hair take on the odour of your cigar or cigarette smoke, or listen to your rattling chest.

Hostesses no longer welcome “lighting up” after a meal at a dinner party, many bars and pubs have a no smoking policy, and many public places and workplaces have instituted bans on smoking.

Smoking may have been socially acceptable in the days of your grandparents and great-grandparents, but in this modern world, society’s attitude has definitely changed toward smokers. This explains the increasing number of people we see looking to quit with stop smoking hypnosis. Plus, as the number of smokers and the places that allow smoking diminishes every day, smokers find themselves in a shrinking antisocial minority.

Smokers are a small community nowadays. At parties you’ll find yourself on the fringe of the activities as you separate yourself from everyone to smoke your cigarette, often outside in the cold or the rain. Non-smoker party attendees may not want to be too close to you even after you have finished puffing away due the lingering smoky smell on your hair and clothes. The nasty sounding cough that accompanies some smokers can be a turn-off from conversation and interaction with others. You may find another smoker or two to hang out with, but the larger majority of non-smokers will be separated from you, enjoying their own social activities.

A sense of embarrassment and social shame about smoking is often a motivation of the stop smoking hypnosis clients we see at our clinic. As a guest at someone’s home, you’ll need to ask for permission before lighting up. Don’t be surprised if your host or hostess asks you to step outside, which will isolate you even more, possibly making you feel like a pariah. In addition to not smoking in people’s houses, it is also unthinkable to simply light up a cigarette in someone else’s car. You will need to wait for a stop until you can find a small uninhabited corner before getting your fix. The modern world no longer respects or admires smoking so you may feel like an outcast with an embarrassing addiction when friends, acquaintances, and co-workers throw disgusted looks your way while you light up.

Whereas smoking was considered the popular and social thing decades ago, smoking in today’s society is generally considered an abhorrence or abomination. In actuality, the majority of your coworkers probably do not smoke, and may even harbour unkind thoughts about your addiction and weakness. With many companies looking askance at the time wasted by smoke breaks and instituting smoking bans in the workplace, as well as in or on company property like vehicles, smokers increasingly find themselves on the outside looking in. They are pushed aside due to their unhealthy habit, and forced to be antisocial while they find a place to light up and feed the habit.

Not only has smoking become less acceptable in today’s society, but smokers are now in a small group, struggling to find an acceptable niche in which they feel social. Nowadays smoking is not done in the popular crowd, smokers are discovering that smoking is an antisocial habit and they are choosing methods like stop smoking hypnosis to quit it.