Smoking cigarettes is known to be harmful to your health. Everyone has seen the warnings on cigarette packets, the public health announcements and adverts on television or in magazines, and more. 

However, how many people know the extent of the damage that smoking and the cigarette industry cause to the environment?

Although people are more aware than ever of their impact on the environment, many smokers seem surprised to learn just how damaging their habit can be to the planet. Even if you recycle, take the bike to work instead of driving, or monitor your electricity usage, you could be undoing some of your good work each time you visit the shop to buy cigarettes.

Firstly, the growing of tobacco causes a number of harmful effects to the environment, including deforestation, soil degradation, water pollution, and pesticide damage. Not only that, but to create the pre-rolled cigarettes you buy in packets of 10s and 20s companies use up to 4 miles of paper an hour! Although tobacco growth accounts for only 1% of agricultural land, it has a disproportionately high impact on global deforestation at 2-4%.

Most tobacco is grown in developing countries, where environmental laws are extremely basic, or even non-existent. This means there is very little regulation to prevent pesticides from being used, the most harmful of which are dangerously toxic and are known to sink into the ground and contaminate drinking supplies and food chains. Many of these farmers do not have the protective equipment needed to prevent the chemicals (both pesticides and nicotine from the plants) from making them sick.

When you dispose of your cigarette butts, whether on the street or somewhere they can be washed into rivers or lakes, animal, fish and birds can accidentally ingest them, leading to illness or death. Even if you dispose of your butts responsibly, the cigarette stub itself may take years to decompose, with many cigarette filters constructed using a plastic material that can take over 12 years to degrade fully. In the UK cigarette butts make up 70-90% of all litter in British cities and urban areas.

So, if you love the planet but have always wondered what more you can do to help conserve the environment, then quitting smoking is an excellent first step. You may have been thinking about quitting for a while, for your health, your happiness, to protect your skin, or ensure your children do not become ill too. Now, whatever motivations you have to stop smoking, saving the planet will only be an added strength to that list.

If you are finding it difficult to stop smoking cigarettes on your own, however, do not worry. Like all habits, your smoking habit has been firmly rooted in your mind, much like biting your nails when you are nervous or which shoe lace you tie first when you put your shoes on. Breaking subconscious habits is difficult but not impossible, and using hypnosis to stop smoking is an effective and comfortable way to overcome the habit. Visit our stop smoking clinic for a session of unique advanced hypnosis to finally be free of cigarettes and embrace life as a non-smoker.