The phrase “It’s like kissing as ashtray” is a common one non-smokers use to describe kissing a smoker. If you are on the single scene, there are many reasons why you should receive stop smoking hypnotherapy and kick the habit. 

Smoking can be a deal-breaker for some. You may never even get a chance with your perfect match if you are a smoker. Many people are put off by smoking and do their best to avoid second-hand smoke and establishments that permit smoking.

In order to land and keep the ultimate relationship, you need to give up smoking now.These days as a smoker, you are pretty much limited to the pool of other smokers for dating. Quitting now with stop smoking hypnotherapy will open up more possibilities for dating and long term relationships.

1. Unappealing Living Space: After a great night out with a wonderful and beautiful dinner date, you invite them back to your place for a drink before they head home.   Although you may only have a cigarette when you wake up in the morning, your dirty ashtray is littered with stale ashes and unattractive cigarette butts. Your home smells like old cigarette smoke and the air looks hazy. Your date quickly leaves, making an excuse about a sudden headache. Cigarette smoke is pervasive and saturates any fabric it can find. Not only is your date left smelling the old cigarette smoke, but when she leaves, it has probably stuck to her clothes, purse, and hair. This is not the best impression you want to leave with your date.

2. Health Concerns: Smoking not only puts increases the risk of illnesses such as heart disease, emphysema and lung cancer, but second-hand smoke affects non-smokers too. Non-smokers are subject to migraine headaches, irritated eyes, possible asthma attacks, and an increased risk of heart and lung disease. Quitting while you are dating will show your loved one you care about them and yourself. If your status is currently single, stopping smoking now will increase your appeal and attractiveness to others. Quitting smoking now will demonstrate attractive strength and resolve, and improve your health.

3. Healthy Appearance: Smoking ages you. It makes your skin look grey and wrinkled. A smoker’s face can look yellow due to the constricted blood vessels from the chemicals in cigars and cigarettes, and it can lose its elasticity causing early onset of wrinkles. Smoking can also make your hair go grey faster and earlier than it normally would. Additionally, smoking can lead to yellow teeth, fingers and fingernails. However, the good news is that quitting smoking can result in almost immediate improvement in your looks. When you no longer smoke your teeth will get whiter, your fingers and fingernails will return to their normal colour, your hair will be healthier and shinier, your face will no longer look yellow and sallow, but fresh and healthy. And over time, you’ll have a greater chance of fewer wrinkles in the future.