If you are a smoker and have children, the best thing you can ever do for them is to quit smoking, with the most effective and increasingly popular method being to visit a stop smoking hypnotist and really kick the habit for good.  

Parents who smoke are more likely to have children who smoke. One scary statistic shows that most adult smokers began smoking as children.

If you utilise the services of a stop smoking hypnotist, and quit smoking now, your children will have an excellent example of a positive role model right in their own home. Not only will you be a good example, but you will also be able to explain firsthand to your children how habit-forming smoking is and how difficult it can be to stop. Your children may already be concerned about your health and the negative consequences of smoking on your behalf. Be sure to address these issues with your children and let them know one of the reasons you stopped smoking was for their benefit.

Despite the interest and maybe even obsession with music pop stars, sports figures, and television celebrities, the single most important influence in your children’s life is you, their parent. Set a good example by not smoking and sending a clear message to your children that you do not want them to smoke cigarettes. Children are quick to argue the discrepancy of, “Do as I say, not as I do,” and you don’t want to be left excusing your smoking habit and giving your children a mixed message. Be honest, direct, and consistent with your children about the risks of smoking. It is a good idea to start talking to children about the negative aspects of smoking when they are in reception or primary school, as the education system will begin anti-smoking campaigns within the schools at this time.

Many children start smoking as early as 11 years of age, with some already addicted in their early teens, so it is important for you to set your good example early. If you still smoke talk to your children about how you wish you had never started, and how much you have struggled to quit. If you take advantage of the smoking cessation services of a stop smoking hypnotist then, if permitted, you may even wish take your older children with you. Not only will you be showing your child how to be proactive about stopping smoking, but you will both benefit from the information and strategies given, even if just during the initial consultation.

If you are struggling to stop smoking, you can still a good example for your children as you work on quitting. To begin with, never smoke around your children. Not only will they not physically “see” you being a bad example, but you will also be protecting them from second-hand smoke.  Children who live with smokers and are exposed to second-hand smoke are more likely to suffer from chest colds, ear infections, breathing problems, and allergies. Also, do not let your children ever get hold of your cigarettes. Turning your back on your child’s smoking behaviour demonstrates a silent approval to what they are doing. It is especially important to set a good example and, with the help of a stop smoking hypnotist, you can stop smoking for both you and your children. Remember, not only will they be less likely to smoke, but young smokers are more likely to experiment with illicit drugs such as cocaine, heroin, and cannabis.