Every year people all over the globe give up their vices for Lent, whether this is abstaining from chocolate, going without alcohol, or no longer indulging in unhealthy snack foods. 

Lent is a Christian festival, traditionally involving the giving up of rich foods between Ash Wednesday and Easter. However, people now use the period to give up a variety of bad habits, to test their resolve and give their bodies a break. You no longer have to be religious to give something up for the forty days.

If you are looking to quit smoking this year why not try during this year’s Lent period? A time for new beginnings and fresh starts, there seems no better time to finally stop smoking cigarettes than with the promise of spring not far away.

Top 3 Benefits Of Stopping Smoking This Lent

  1. Enjoy the beautiful springtime free from cigarettes

Spring is a wonderful time of the year; with blossoming flowers, quality time with the family, and (hopefully) some lovely sunny weather. The prospect of having to spend your time and money smoking cigarettes instead should be motivation enough to get started on your journey to becoming a non-smoker. Quitting smoking during Lent gives you plenty of time to overcome the habit before spring arrives, so you can relish everything that the season has to offer you without the constant cigarette cravings and thoughts about smoking.

  • Improve your self-discipline and self-belief

Conventionally Lent was a time for Christians to sympathise with Christ’s struggles in the desert by practising their self-discipline, giving up luxuries, and overcoming personal faults. Quitting smoking is, for many people, one of the most difficult endeavours they will undergo, but in doing so you prove to yourself exactly the kind of mental and emotional strength you possess. By stopping smoking this lent you will be following in a great tradition of people pursuing the best versions of themselves, as well as bolstering your self-confidence in knowing that you can quit smoking, so you can achieve anything!

  • Finally quit smoking for good

For the majority of smokers any physical withdrawal symptoms they may have experienced upon quitting will have completely gone after two weeks without a cigarette. This combined with the increasingly obvious health benefits that you will experience will make it obvious to you what a positive choice it was to stop smoking for Lent. If you manage to spend the entire 40 days of Lent smoke-free the likelihood of you quitting smoking for the long-term will be greatly improved, meaning you can enjoy your entire life as a healthy non-smoker.

Are you struggling to make a permanent change on your own?

The 40 days of Lent are the perfect time to throw out any cigarettes and nicotine that you may still feel dependent on, and finally make the decision to go without smoking. However, if you have had no luck in your previous attempts to stop smoking, and feel that willpower alone is not enough to help you kick the habit, then trying an alternative method may be the best option for you.

Hypnotherapy for smoking cessation is a powerful and effective means of overcoming the habit. Our Harley Street hypnotherapists work with you to make essential changes to your subconscious mind, positively transforming the habitual attachment you have developed to cigarettes and allowing you to move on from that. Booking in for an appointment at our clinic could be the first step to a smoke-free Lent – and even more, an entire life free from the constraints and negative effects of cigarettes.