It may be a question that you have never considered before, but can undergoing hypnotherapy to stop smoking positively affect your career?

Everybody knows about the negative effect cigarettes can have on your physical health, but few consider the negative effects being a smoker can have on your job progression and productivity.

When hiring for job vacancies, first impressions are always important. A candidate always wants to put their best foot forward, wearing their best suit, presenting themselves in a confident and charismatic manner, and researching the company in order to get the most out of the interview process.

However, many smokers end up ruining their pristine presentation when they light up, out of stress or habit, before the important meeting. Your best suit now smells of cigarette smoke, along with your breath. The fingers you stretch out to shake your potential employer’s hand also smell, and the nails are yellow with nicotine stains.

For many employers, it is a sign that an individual does not seriously take care of their health enough to stop smoking, or is apt to take frequent cigarette breaks during the day, impacting on their productivity. Both of these are not desirable for an employer, who wants a healthy and focused workforce.

It is well known that smoking causes many serious long-term illnesses, but furthermore, it impacts an individual’s day to day health. Smokers are more likely to come down with colds and flus as cigarettes lower the immune system, meaning they are more likely to take sick days or turn up unwell to work, unable to concentrate properly.

For jobs with a physical element, even if this is just walking up and down stairs or between different locations, smoking can inhibit your ability to fulfil your role fully, as it damages your lungs and cardiovascular system, leaving you tired, out of breath and unfit.

Whatever way you cut it smoking now comes with an anti-social stigma attached. Since the smoking ban in the UK made it illegal to smoke in enclosed public building, people’s attitudes towards smoking have changed dramatically; smoking is seen as a weakness and an undesirable trait, which they increasingly seek to remove with stop smoking hypnotherapy. In the US many companies have now even begun to implement employment policies that specifically outline their desire to only hire non-smokers!

Once you have benefitted from hypnotherapy to stop smoking you will find that your health and appearance improve in ways you would not have even considered. A result of these changes will be improved confidence, as you are fitter and better able to fulfil your roles at work as well as home. If you are between jobs, quitting smoking can make you a more desirable candidate, as employers pay more attention to your qualifications and personal achievements, than they do the smell of your jacket or the number of unscheduled breaks you will likely take.

Lastly, the sense of satisfaction and achievement you will feel after stop smoking success can be very empowering. Once you know that you are able to overcome your nicotine habit you will know that you can achieve a great many other things in your life. Want to go for that promotion? You have the will and drive to achieve it! Want to change careers but never thought it was possible? Now you know just what you are capable of. So, choose hypnotherapy to stop smoking today and add fresh energy to your journey in professional self-development.