Every year a huge portion of the population make a New Year’s resolution, only to give up before January is even over.

If you are struggling to stay on target this year with your smoking cessation resolution read on to find out our top tips for staying motivated and keeping on target.

1.  There’s an app for that!

There are a variety of apps now available for iPhone and Android that are specifically designed to help keep you motivated in your smoking cessation journey. Smoke Free allows you to track your progress, earning badges for your progress and sharing your success with your friends. Another app, Kwit uses gaming-based techniques to help you stay motivated, and even make quitting fun. Quit It is a motivational app that tracks the number of cigarettes you haven’t smoked, as well as the amount of money you have saved, and how your health should be improving. Why not download one of these apps? They are free, and could help you stay on track by reminding you of all the positive improvements you have made.

2.  Remind Yourself WHY You Are Doing This

The best resolutions are the ones you are fully committed and passionate about achieving. It is because of this that it is so important that when quitting smoking you are doing so for yourself. Whether you are concerned about improving your health, increasing your fitness, or maintaining your looks, ensuring you have strong motivation that you can keep going back to when you may feel tempted to relapse will help you stay focused.

3.  Don’t Let Slip-Ups Get You Down

If you have fallen off the wagon and sneaked a smoke on a night out with friends, or borrowed a cigarette from a work colleague during your break, do not despair. As soon as you begin berating yourself with a negative internal monologue of ‘YOU FAILED!’ and ‘YOU WILL NEVER QUIT SMOKING!’ your motivation will be lost down the drain. Seeing these hiccups as ‘feedback’ allows you to adapt your approach and lets you know what you need to do to succeed in your stop smoking journey. Next time temptation strikes you can make sure you have a plan in place to beat the craving.

4.  Make Sure You Reward Yourself

With all the money you will be saving as a non-smoker you can reward yourself during key milestones during your resolution progress. If you have got this far you are already halfway through the month, and as an average 10-a-day smoker, you will have saved around £70! That is enough to treat yourself to a full body massage at a luxurious spa, a lovely meal with some friends, or perhaps to go and watch a movie with your loved ones. Seeing how financially beneficial quitting is will help encourage you to carry on. Imagine how much you can save after a month, 6 months and a year!

5.  Look Into Alternatives

If you are really struggling to stick to your New Year’s resolution on willpower alone, you may want to look into alternative methods to help you stop smoking. Many of the people we see at the Harley Street Stop Smoking Clinic have tried every other method to stop smoking, whether it was nicotine patches or gums, E-cigarettes or medication, but none of these worked for them. Hypnotherapy is one of the most effective ways to overcome smoking, working to fight the subconscious habitual element of your cigarette habit. You may find coming off nicotine relatively easy, but when it comes to your first coffee in the morning or a cocktail after work, you can discover that it is the emotional or social associations with cigarettes which are much more difficult to overcome. Hypnotherapy is so successful because it tackles these associations using powerful techniques to rewire your subconscious thinking.