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Our price reflects the success of our unique process and high demand for our services. Your private one-to-one session is available in the following formats:

Fast Track Stop Smoking (1 Hour) – £345 (inc. VAT)
VIP Stop Smoking (1.5 Hours)
 – £495 (inc. VAT)

The main difference between the two sessions types is that the Stop Smoking Profile Questionnaire information is submitted by you BEFORE the Fast Track session and collected by the hypnotherapist in-session during the VIP. There is no difference in effectiveness between the two session lengths.

Note: If you choose the Fast Track option you MUST complete the Stop Smoking Profile Questionnaire by returning the completed Word Document that will be sent, no later than 48 hours before your scheduled appointment.

Remember, this cost of our service is saved within just 1-3 months as a non-smoker; but the freedom, health, fitness and wellbeing benefits you gain will last a LIFETIME.

Complete and submit your booking enquiry form below or to access our live online booking system click here.

IMPORTANT: We are only available for booking new appointments (including follow-ups) until Friday 15th November. We are then closed for the Winter Break. All appointments must be attended BEFORE Friday 15th November.

Stop Smoking Cigarettes: Fast Track (1 Hour) – £345 (inc. VAT), VIP (1.5 Hour) – £495 (inc. VAT)

Stop Smoking Cannabis: Fast Track (1 Hour) – £345 (inc. VAT), VIP (1.5 Hour) – £495 (inc. VAT)

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Although there are various cheap stop smoking treatments available, most are totally ineffective. Should you decide to give one of them a try, please bookmark our site (CTRL-D) , you might need it in the future.

Remember, if you smoke 20 cigarettes a day and you don’t stop smoking you will continue to waste between £3000-£3500 a year.