Advanced Hypnosis to Quit Smoking with Rory MacLaren-Jackson at the Harley Street Stop Smoking Clinic, London

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Mr Rory James MacLaren-Jackson Dip. Hyp. DNLP GQHP GHRreg PgCert. Psychol.

Rory M-J is a leading human development specialist, having studied personal & professional development at the very highest levels, he helped his first client stop smoking back in 2005 and hasn’t looked back since. Using his wealth of therapeutic knowledge and experience, including NLP and Advanced Hypnosis, Rory helps clients achieve their goals where other methods have failed.

After seeing the effects of smoking firsthand when his mother developed oral cancer as a result of smoking, Rory decided to make this one of his specialist areas and become one of the leaders in the field of smoking cessation.

“Though I have trained in and incorporate many therapeutic approaches, Hypnosis has a special place at the centre of my work. It’s an amazingly powerful medium to bring about lasting change.”

A straight-talking South Londoner, his charismatic approach has been described as ‘friendly, engaging and powerful” and, most importantly, helps his clients to achieve the results they desire.

The Harley Street Stop Smoking Clinic regularly sees many celebrities and high-profile clients from the UK and all over the World. “I’m pleased to have reached this level of success and recognition and immensely proud to have helped so many people to stop smoking worldwide.”

As well as using the power of the mind for his own development and success, Rory is a keen writer, bass guitarist and white collar boxer. He has a strong interest in Celtic history and his Irish-Scots roots.

Rory also uses his unique approach to human development to facilitate change in many other areas of his clients’ personal and professional lives. “If you’re determined you want to make change,” he says, “I can help you achieve that goal.”

  • Advanced Stop Smoking Success

The Harley Street Stop Smoking Clinic is perhaps the most well known and highly regarded stop smoking hypnosis clinic in London. Its success is due to the advanced techniques developed helping thousands of clients break the smoking habit once and for all.

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We are the only hypnotherapy clinic in the UK to use the Neurosphere® audio/visual hypnosis pod. Come and see why it makes such a difference!

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No.1 Harley Street in central London is our permanent, full time address. Although there might be some good therapists that operate part time and work from home or at a ‘rent by the hour’ address, this is NOT the way we do business.

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