Innovative Advanced Hypnosis to Stop Smoking

The Harley Street Stop Smoking Clinic uses a pioneering form of advanced hypnosis to help clients who choose hypnotherapy to stop smoking. Old destructive patterns of behaviour and thinking are altered at the subconscious level, an approach increasingly popular in the treatment of addictions, including smoking.

Described as “hypnotherapy for the 21st Century”, our London stop smoking clinic uses this unique form of advanced hypnosis to achieve these results.

* Results and techniques used may vary for each individual client

Natural, Drug-Free - Hypnotherapy to Give Up Smoking

The majority of clients stop smoking after just one session of advanced hypnosis. Whilst there are no guarantees, clients have the peace of mind that, should they require an additional session within the first 30 days, this will be provided free of charge.

One of the few natural ways to stop smoking available, this unique program costs from just £345 (inc VAT @ 20%). We are VAT registered due to the success of our process and demand for our service.

Advanced Hypnosis - Think & Feel Like A Non-Smoker

Painless, natural and drug free, our unique program is enjoyable and powerful. Helping you to take control and lead the new, healthier, habit-free life you desire.

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