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Online Stop Smoking Program (£149)

Stop smoking hypnosis online that brings Harley Street expertise to you, anywhere in the world!

Imagine just how healthy and fit you will feel when you’re a non-smoker. Can you see yourself feeling so much more positive and happier? Can you imagine how it will feel to inhale clean, fresh air into your lungs? Are you ready to stub this habit out once and for all?

The Hypnotist’s Guide to Stub Out Smoking is a unique on-demand video course that provides you with the knowledge, tools and techniques to stop smoking and, most importantly, stay stopped.

Created by hypnotherapist Rory M-J and drawing on over 15 years’ experience of stop smoking hypnotherapy, it is the core element of our smoking cessation services and a complete standalone resource for ‘changing your mind’ about smoking.

This powerful course will support and empower you to commit to that ‘Day 1’ as a non-smoker, and answers many of our most frequently asked questions, including:

  • Why do we start smoking?
  • How can we boost our willpower?
  • What does smoking mean to me on a subconscious level?
  • Why is it so difficult to give up?
  • What is smoking ‘adding’ to my life, and how can I resolve that?


online stop smoking program

Enjoyable & Comprehensive


This online program features over 6 hours of video lessons so is one of the most comprehensive stop smoking resources available.

All delivered by Rory M-J in his highly motivational and upbeat style, this is straight-talking content packed full of real examples and stories from his personal and clinical experience.

If you want a solemn and humourless stop smoking program then The Hypnotist’s Guide to Stub Out Smoking is definitely NOT for you!

Reasons to Choose This Program


  • Fresh Approach – Rory M-J presents a unique and compelling strategy for stopping smoking, influenced by his trademark approach – The Storyworking Method®. This helps you to explore your personal smoking ‘story’ and ways to establish your next chapter as non-smoker.
  • Straight-talking – Delivered in the same ‘zero BS’ style as his face-to-face sessions, Rory M-J challenges the conventional wisdom, myths and misconceptions around stopping smoking.
  • 360° Mindset – Success as a non-smoker depends on thinking differentlyYou will be guided and supported to make changes in thinking at both a conscious and subconscious level.
  • Behavioural guidance – It is also important to do different, both in preparation for life as a non-smoker and after the decision has been implemented.
  • Convenience – You can access the program and videos on any device, entirely at your own pace. Truly accessible stop smoking hypnosis online.
  • Experience – Rory M-J’s extensive background in smoking cessation includes helping people stop professionally for over 15 years, plus almost a decade spent running Harley Street’s most popular in-person smoking clinic.
  • Expertise – The distilled knowledge gained from several thousand stop smoking hypnotherapy sessions conducted by Rory M-J over the years. You can find many testimonials and five-star reviews online reflecting his successes both in fields of hypnotherapy and specifically applied to smoking cessation. 
  • Lifetime Access  Unlike some other providers, you can access your program as much as you like in the future. Just in case you ever need a reminder or top-up. We understand that for some, breaking the smoking habit is a journey with a few stops, rather than a straight route to their destination. To help you remain smoke-free long term, you have access to the materials of the program without a specific time limit.

How It Works

It is recommended to watch the videos in their entirety (even those that may not seem as relevant to you personally) to allow the ideas and concepts to be absorbed.

There will naturally be some you want to return to and watch again. However, you will usually know when you have watched enough to shift your perceptions about the smoking habit.

A key concept to the approach is that of your ‘Day 1’ as a non-smoker – the day you choose to begin the next chapter of your life without cigarettes.

Once this is scheduled and your preparations have been made, listen to the hypnotic audio provided the night before your ‘Day 1’. Then listen again the morning after and begin your first day of freedom as a non-smoker.

It is recommended to use the audio once a day for one month after this point to help support the changes being made. There is an additional audio to support you after this period too.

Order Now

The Hypnotist’s Guide to Stub Out Smoking costs £149 and includes full lifetime access to the on-demand video course plus hypnotic audios to support the shift in your mindset and behaviours as a non-smoker.

Important: This product includes hypnotic audios that feature binaural beats. As such, if you have epilepsy, an irregular heartbeat or have a pacemaker fitted, we advise you to speak to your doctor or other medical professional before buying and listening.

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