Why VAT Registration is Important

Any consistently successful stop smoking program will be in great demand and will therefore be well above the VAT threshold. If the therapist or company is not VAT registered, it is important to ask why.

If a company has only just started trading or only sees a few clients a year they will not have reached the VAT threshold.

Do you want to see a therapist who is practicing part time or who only sees a few clients every year? If a therapist is successful they will be busy and therefore have to be VAT registered.

Less successful therapists will be quiet, inexperienced and charge less for their services. Choosing a cheaper method is invariably a false economy and it pays to choose the best first time around. After all, you are hoping only to stop smoking the once.

Furthermore, success rates are only meaningful if they are based on a large number of clients each year. If a therapist only sees a handful of clients, any quoted success rates are meaningless. Do you want to take that risk?

Some therapists may tell you they do not have to register for VAT as the service they offer is ‘medical’. However, unless they are a GP, this is not the case and this shows a dangerous lack of knowledge and training on their behalf. Relevant HMRC VAT guidelines can be found here.

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